ECNM Grants

The ECNM grants aim to provide direct support to projects related to conservation, research and better understanding of crocodilians. These projects can be carried out as part of a formal university degree programme (undergraduate or postgraduate), but also as independent projects associated with husbandry, research or conservation activities focused on crocodilians.


The grants will include:

- up to 1000 Euros for a project related to in situ crocodilian conservation/research/education or outreach

- up to 500 Euros for a project related to ex situ crocodilian research/conservation/education or outreach.

The funding can be used in any way that directly assists the work (eg. fieldwork, equipment, travel, publication costs), and can be used as the primary funding for a small project, or as additional support for a larger project.


Eligibility criteria

Although the projects can be carried out in any country, the applicants should be based in Europe (citizens of European countries and/or based in European institutions).


The application should be no more than 4 pages, and include:

- Name of the applicant, where applicable name of the affiliated institution and position held at the institution

- Abstract (<300 words)

- Introduction (<200 words)

- Aims and objectives (<200 words)

- Methods (<300 words)

- Expected outcomes (<200 words)

- Expected impact on applicant's professional development (<200 words)

- References

- Amount requested and proposed expenditure


Applications should be submitted by email to by 15 November 2019.


All applications will be reviewed by the ECNM organising committee and successful recipients will be notified in December 2019.

Successful recipients should submit a short summary report (500 words) with a photo to ECNM upon completion of the project.

Student Fieldwork Grant

FICBP will provide a grant of up to 500 Euros to a student, to assist with purchasing equipment or with fieldwork costs related to research.

To apply, please email FICBP directly at, providing a brief description of the project and proposed expenditure. The closing date is 20 February 2020.