The 4th Annual European Croc Networking Meeting will be held at The National Reptile Zoo in Killkenny, Ireland from 4-6 October, 2019


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Jeff Lang

Gharial Ecology Project

Gharial 'superdads' on the Chambal river, India.


Joe Kristoffer Partyka

Croc health and parasite interactions; working with the CRC though coming from one of the coldest places on the planet! 


Marisa Tellez

Crocodile Research Coalition

Croc parasitology, population biology, genetics, threats, conservation outreach


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T -shirt design


Rikki Gumbs

ZSL EDGE of Existence & Imperial College   

EDGE metric to prioritise crocs for conservation & supporting EDGE fellows saving Critically Endangered crocs

Stephan Reber

Lund University

Crocodilian Cognition: Understanding the Dinosaurian Mind

Mark Young

University of Edinburgh

Fossil marine crocodylomorphs and crocodylomorph neuroanatomy

Iri Gill

Chester Zoo   

Crocodilian behavioural management, Tomistoma training programme 

Sarah Carpentier

Aquarium du perigord noir   

Alligator Public Outreach and Training

Flavio Morrissiey


CrocFest, Global CrocFests and Raising Funds for Croc Conservation


Friday: The National Reptile Zoo 

                   Demesne Road, Gowran


1600-1700: Registration

1700-1830: Target Training Workshop

1830-2200: Dinner and Social

Saturday: New location for The National Reptile Zoo

                   Hebron Road, Leggestrath West


0830-0900: Breakfast (for campers)

0930-0940: Registration

0940-1000: Welcome

1000-1050: Flash presentations

                                   Stephan Reber

                                   Marisa Tellez

                                   Rikki Gumbs

1050-1110: BREAK

1110-1210: Jeff Lang: Crocodilian Superdads: Gharial

                      on the Chambal

1210-1310: LUNCH

1310-1400: Flash presentations

                                    Sarah Carpentier

                                    Flavio Morrissey

                                    Mark Young

1400-1410: Opportunities Discussion

1410-1515: Networking activity

1515-1530: BREAK

1530-1545: Film Showing

1545-1630: Experimental Design Workshop

1800-2200: Dinner and Social

Sunday: New location for The National Reptile Zoo

                   Hebron Road, Leggestrath West

0900-0945: Breakfast (for campers)

1000-1100: Poster session

1100-1150: Flash presentations

                                    Joe Kristoffer Partyka

                                    Roberto Rodríguez-Soberón

                                    Iri Gill

1150-1200: Thanks and Prize Presentation  

1200-1300: LUNCH

1300-1400: Field Techniques and Community

                     Outreach Workshop

1400-1430: Opportunities Discussion, Feedback

                      & Farewell

1430-1530: Conservation Questionnaire Focus Group                                    (limited numbers)

Poster abstract submissions

The poster session is open to anyone wanting to share their work or wanting feedback on ideas, including, but not limited to, research projects, enclosure development, industry ideas, conservation and management approaches. Please email abstracts of no longer than 300 words to eurocrocnetwork@gmail.com with the subject line Surname_poster


Target Training Workshop: This will be offered by James at his facility on Friday evening. Many of you have experience, come lend your expertise. Others, this will be a great workshop to help you as keepers and those who work in the wild to learn more about the capabilities of these animals.

Experimental Design Workshop: This will be offered by Iri Gill and Rob Gandola on Saturday afternoon.  This workshop will be useful for anyone planning to conduct research with crocodilians, especially aimed at those without formal scientific training.

Field Techniques and Community Outreach Workshop: This will be offered by Marisa Tellez on Sunday afternoon, and will be a great workshop for anyone who has - or wants to - work with crocodilians in the field, and conduct outreach with communities who live alongside crocodilians. 

Supported by

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Organising Committee

Ashley Pearcy Buitenwerf, Agata Staniewicz, James Hennessy, Phoebe Griffith, Greg Boussens-Dumon, Rob Gandola, Joe Partyka



Kilkenny Camping: free to participants. Please make note in your registration form.


Important: We have made a special deal with a local hostel. Please do all bookings directly through the hostel and not through a third party. Let them know you are with the National Reptile Zoo.

Kilkenny Tourist Hostel: 18eur/person/night


These are the room quotes for Hotels in Kilkenny on Oct 5th and 6th they are on a first come, first served basis.Inform them you are with the National Reptile Zoo. However, please checking third party sites for possibly better deals.


Hotel Kilkenny - 1k from town centre

Room rates - Fri Oct 4th €177 B+B, Sat Oct 5th €177 B+B

Phone 00353 56 776 2000

email experience@hotelkilkenny.ie




Hibernian Hotel - Town centre

Room rates - Fri Oct 4th €200 B+B, Sat Oct 5th €200 B+B

Phone 00353 56 777 1888





Clubhouse Hotel - Town Centre 

Room rates - Fri Oct 4th €100 B+B, Sat Oct 5th €150 B+B

Phone 00353 56 772 1994 





Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel - Town Centre 

Room rates - Fri Oct 4th and Sat Oct 5th B+B €423 total 

Phone 00353 56 775 0200




For a little more Luxury - The Lyrath Estate, 

Fri Oct 4th and Sat Oct 5th €480 each night 

00353 56 776 0088





The Village Campus (very clean/Hostel Style) 1km from Town centre 

Room rates - Fri Oct 4th and Sat Oct 5th €210 total 

Phone 0044 113 467 9515




Continue to check your emails and/or the Facebook page for more information about transport and shuttles

Please feel free to use the Facebook page to arrange carpools as we get closer to the event.